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Yugioh Speed Duel GX Academy Box - Trials of the Pharaoh

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Saturday May 28th

Trials of the Pharaoh

Entry from 10.45 am starts 11am - 3.30 pm

Trials of the Pharaoh Speed Duel

Entry is £6 which includes a speed duel Tournament Pack Each player will receive a challenge sheet which they can alter their decks to complete during the event. There are 8 to complete each one gaining access to the Trials of the Pharaoh Prizing. You gain a new one after handing in the completed one.

In addition to this we will run 4 rounds of swiss for this to take place in with prizing as follows:

1st = 4 Tournament Packs

2nd = 3 Tournament Packs

3rd = 2 Tournament Packs

4th = 1 Tournament Pack

At the end of each round we will allow 10 minutes for players to alter decks to attempt to complete challenges during the tournament. This is going to be alot of fun...