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Three-Dragon Ante: Legendary Edition Card Game

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Three-Dragon Ante: Legendary Edition is a re-imagining of the original classic Dungeons & Dragons Three Dragon Ante, a casual standalone card game of chance for two to six players. Each hand, players ante gold to the stakes and compete to play the strongest flight of three cards, dragons, or mortals. The strongest flight wins that gold from the stakes, but playing weaker cards triggers your cards' powers and sets you up to win the next hand. This Legendary Edition includes new Legendary Dragons, Mortals, Gold and Platinum Pieces, and Ability Disks for combining Three-Dragon Ante with the Dungeons & Dragons tabletop game!

The craftiest (and luckiest) player wins by taking the most gold!

- 2-6 players
- Ages 14+
- Playing time: 30+ min


- 70 Standard Dragon Cards
- 15 Mortal Cards
- 15 Legendary Dragon Cards
- 60 Cardboard Gold Pieces
- 30 Cardboard Platinum Pieces
- 6 Ability Disks for use combining Three-Dragon Ante with Dungeons & Dragons
- 6 Reference Cards
- 1 Rulebook