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Resident Evil 3: The Board Game

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Explore Racoon City as a terrifying open world on your tabletop. If you and your fellow survivors can find the parts to repair the cable car, you may just make it out alive. Maybe.

Navigate spine-tingling scenarios while scavenging what you can. Your search for key items will take you through iconic locations like Raccoon City Police Department and Saint Michael’s Clock Tower. But watch out! You’ll be attacked by Zombie Dogs, Drain Deimos, and even worse monsters at every turn. And Nemesis is never far behind...

You’ll need to work together to stand a chance. Play as Jill, Carlos, Mikhail, or Nikolai. Whoever you choose, each character has unique rules for you to get to grips with as you navigate a city overrun by the infected.

And you’d better do it fast, because every decision counts. As you search, discover precious items, new locations, and unexpected obstacles. Encounter random events that force decisions which change the course of your campaign, transforming your experience each time you play.

All the while, the tension deck will keep you on your toes, evolving with your choices — but that’s not all. The city danger level is rising. The higher it gets, the more lethal your enemies become. And if it reaches the top? Game over.

A cooperative campaign game for 1-4 players, Resident Evil 3: The Board Game injects fresh terror into the survival horror engine that kept Resident Evil 2 board game fans on the edge of their seat. Will you survive the night?

Cooperative campaign board game for 1-4 players
Playable in solo mode
Inspired by the original Resident Evil 3 video game
Play as Jill, Carlos, Mikhail, or Nikolai
Tension deck will keep you on your toes
2 boss monsters — face the Grave Digger and Nemesis Stage Two!
Officially licensed
Builds on the survival horror engine of the Resident Evil 2: Board Game.

28 plastic minis, highly detailed (including Nemesis Stage One & Two)
20 double-sided game board tiles
60 terrain elements
208 cards
4 Player Health Track dials
11 Tracker dials
6 dice
82 tokens
1 rulebook and scenario book

No. of Players : 1-4

Game Time : 90-120 Min apporx

Age : 14+