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Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid Villain Pack #4 A Dark Turn

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Core game required this is an expansion

“When we’re finished, there will be no good left in the universe!” — Astronema

More devious and powerful enemies of the Power Rangers have arrived with destruction in their wake! Astronema leads a vicious assault on Earth, accompanied by her merciless lieutenant Ecliptor, while Mesogog the dinosaur-human hybrid commands his own deadly majordomo Elsa, as well as Tommy Oliver’s cyborg nemesis Zeltrax.

This is an expansion. Power Rangers Heroes of the Grid is required to play.


  • Powerful enemies have appeared, ready to challenge any Rangers that stand in their way!
  • Includes 5 new large-scale figures and their unique combat cards.
  • A new Nemesis enemy, Zeltrax, will cause extra trouble for the lead Ranger in battles against him.