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Pokemon The Hive Gaming League Challenge

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    11th November & 2nd December 2023

 Please note deck lists will be required

Pokemon League Challenge all decks must be legal and conform to the new rotation. Please use the link below for more information regarding League Challenges

Pokémon TCG League Challenge Tournaments | Pokemon.com

Registration is from 12.30pm with play starting at 1.00pm

Pokemon Standard legal decks will be required. 

3 Rounds of swiss with best of 3 games (Please be aware if we have over a certain number of players a 4th round will be played) 
Each entry will add 1 Prize Pack to the prize pool of the division of the player entrants. (ie 2 junior players 2 Prize packs in the junior division prize pool)

Top players in the division win the Prize packs in the prize pool for that division on a 60/40 split (ie 8 Players 8 boosters 5 for top 3 for 2nd) However if there is only 2 prize packs in the pool then the top player takes both packs for that pool.