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Ni no Kuni 2: The Board Game

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Welcome, Higgledies and heroes, to this cooperative kingdom-building board game for 1-4 players! Inspired by the Ni no Kuni video game, it's colourful, fast, and fun.

Evan Tildrum's former kingdom, Ding Dong Dell, has been usurped by the evil Doloran. Now, Evan's people are counting on you. Your task is simple: build a bright new kingdom for them to live in, Evermore!

Go on quests, defeat monsters, and gather the resources you'll need to build. By working together, can you build a kingdom bright enough to overcome the darkness?

What's in the box?

    • 1 Evermore game board

    • 4 Character miniatures

    • 4 Character cards

    • 6 Higgledy tokens

    • 19 Basic Kingdom cards

    • 9 Upgraded Kingdom cards

    • 40 Quest cards

    • 34 Enemy cards

    • 2 Boss cards

    • 45 Resource tokens