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Final Fantasy TCG - Golbez VS Cecil Two Player Starter Set Display

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This is the latest addition in the TWO-PLAYER STARTER SET line-up, featuring FINAL FANTASY IV. Included in the set are two preconstructed decks: the first is a Fire/Earth deck focusing on Golbez and the minions he manipulates to enact his nefarious plot; and a Lightning/Water deck featuring the paladin Cecil and the allies that stand alongside him in their fight against the forces of evil. So, two players can play right out of the box, each choosing iconic characters from the beloved video game.

Additionally, there will be 15 brand new Starter cards (five different kinds, each with three copies) in each of the decks, for a total of 30 Starter cards across the two decks. Since three copies is a standard playset, players will have as much of these new cards as they need to include in constructed decks! In addition to Golbez and Cecil, these Starter cards feature popular characters to FINAL FANTASY fans, like Kain and Rydia.

• Two decks mean that 2 players can play right out of the box, with everything they need.
• One copy of Cecil [17-139S] and Golbez [17-140S] will be a Premium Foil Full Art card.
• One deck is Fire/Earth themed and the other Water/Lightning themed.

• 1 x 50 Card Preconstructed Deck (Golbez)
• 1 x 50 Card Preconstructed Deck (Cecil)
• 1 x Quick Starter Guid