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Death Rabbits

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In Death Rabbits you fight against other clans of mutant rabbits, in Battle Royale style, with the goal to destroy them and conquer the post-apocalyptic world!

Death Rabbits draws influence from old style turn-based artillery games such as Scorched Earth and Worms, incorporating move, attack and defend mechanisms along with concepts such as Range, Line of Sight and Area of Effect.

The game is played on a landscape made up of 6, out of 8 tiles, randomly selected. The Rabbits then move across the landscape trying to kill each other, whilst defending themselves against incoming attacks from other clans.

Players must manage their arsenal of Explodey, Stabby and Shooty weapons to inflict the maximum damage on their rival clans. But, they must be aware of their opponents' weapons and build their defences appropriately.

Death Rabbits also contains 5 Booster cards which come into play later in the game, giving the clans additional powers that enhance their attack, defence or movement abilities.

The last clan with Rabbits alive rules the world!

No. of Players: 2-4
Playtime  20-40 Minutes
Ages: 12 +