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Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid : Mega Goldar Deluxe Figure

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Core game required this is an expansion

“You are no match for me!”

Goldar has grown to giant size, thanks to the magic of Rita Repulsa! In Mega Goldar form, represented by a giant-scale miniature, the warrior is more formidable than ever. It will take an all-out assault from the Rangers to bring Mega Goldar down.


  • Your team will need to work together to take down Mega Goldar!
  • Goldar has grown in both size and abilities due to Rita’s magic!
  • Giant Sized and highly detailed figure!


Contents Summary:

  • 1 Mega Goldar Figure
  • 1 Mega Goldar Deployment Card
  • 6 Mega Goldar Component Cards
  • 1 Rule Sheet