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Bounty Hunters

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Bounty Hunters is a lightweight card game for 2-4 players and takes about 15-45 minutes to play, the object of the game is to earn $52 to be able to buy Wild Ned, Skudmore's prize horse.

Earn money by turning in criminals for cash. Like Mr. Franklin, Chuck Glass or Tammy Tomahawks, every criminal is unique and has their own ridiculous crime, fighting style and gang that they belong to. Look out for your bounty cards, these give bigger rewards for completing their specific task, keep these secret from the other players as you all take it in turns around the table.

The game is played around the the town, five buildings set up in the middle of the players where you draw cards from, or send criminals to jail.

Each player has their criminal lineup in front of them, these are the criminals you have in custody, but don't get cocky! A unique game mechanic means that other players can take any card from your hand! (As long as they leave a bribe) But be warned, after every completed bounty comes an Event card, something to add the wild in to the west, these cards could benefit or hinder your progress and make you change strategy!

Every card is unique and the setup is randomised ensuring that no two games are ever the same. There are all kinds of tricks, special abilities, techniques and strategies to find so I cant wait to see what wild journeys you have.

A card game created my a local man Mark Powell here in Banbury.