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Pre-Order Updates for all products


Pokemon : Celebrations 25th Anniversary

We are still awaiting allocation figures for this set. A number of items we have been informed to expect heavy allocation on the following:

Celebrations Premium Figure Collection—Pikachu VMAX

Celebrations Special Collection—Pikachu V-UNION

Celebrations Ultra-Premium Collection

Update based on existing product requests the Ultra premium collection is already sold out. 

In addition to this we understand this stock will be arriving into the country in waves so we have very little visibility on what we will arrive for release date the rest to follow:

In light of this no further pre order requests will be accepted and much of the stock that comes in will go straight to our shop for sale that way. Extra that we have will then be available online.

Pokemon : Fusion Strike

We understand that we will have only a proportion of stock for release with the balance also arriving in waves through November.

The reason for the staggered waves is simply down to the massive shipping problems occuring worldwide as all of us slowly get back to normal. We believe shipping will be like this for at least another 18 months with steady improvement over time. So please be patient none of us can fix this it is what it is.