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Pre-Order Updates for all products

 Pokemon Shining Fates 

Okay all we are waiting for now is the Dragapult and Crobat Vmax boxes and also the next wave of Mad Hatter pin boxes.

The latest looks like that this wave of stock is coming mid May as it's already running late for April. 

Battle Styles

The balance of my order for ETB's and more Vmax Boxes is at present not visible so we hope these will arrive soon.

Chilling Reign

We are holding off putting pre-orders up for this set as we want to find out roughly what our release allocation is. Obviously trying to avoid a repeat of Shining Fates. We will have pre release but will wait to hear more from Pokemon International in regards to how we are able to sell this if we are still unable to play.

Supply issues will continue probably until Autumn until our customs settle down and the pandemic ends.

Going forwards we anticipate that price rises are going to get pushed through on a lot of things to cover the increases in shipping rates internationally and more..this is just a heads up that prices will have to rise as they do to us.

We just want to take this time to thank you all for your patience in waiting for pre orders and it is appreciated.